Philip Millard


Philip Millard - Cameraman

I’m a British, Paris based Cameraman, working internationally in the broadcast and corporate worlds for over 30 years.

Coming from a film background, I now tend to shoot in 4K, 2k and all HD formats working with cameras that include Sony F55, Fs7, FX9, FX3, Canon C300 mk 2 and Arri Amira, shooting in raw, S-Log, C-Log and occasionally shoot using Panasonic and Sony ENG style cameras.

I work for many of the worlds major TV broadcasters, either directly or through production companies, many based in the UK and US.

At the same time, in recent years I have acquired a number of corporate clients from around the world, many of whom are considered household names.

Broadcast Work

My main broadcast client over the years has been the BBC and I’ve had the opportunity to work on the following shows:

The Culture Show, Panorama, Hard Talk, Storyville, This World, The One Show, Gardeners World, Desi DNA, See Hear, BBC Sport, as well as many one off documentary films and series, many in the arts genres and of course the obligatory ‘Reality TV’ shows, including the BBC 2, 6 part series 'Philippe Starks Design for Life’, shot in Paris over the course of three months.

Channel Four programmes include ‘Grand Designs’ and Sky Arts include ‘The South Bank Show’.

I’m passionate about sport and was greatly inspired to film the following :

Tour de France 2004 -2011, FIFA World Cup - Brazil 2014, Russia 2018, Rugby World Cup, Rugby 7’s, Roland Garos Tennis, Winter X Games, Grand Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Cycle Cross World Championships - Belgium, USA, Netherlands, International Athletics at Stade de France.

Music & Dance

Even more of a passion than sport, music and dance have always featured in my life, inside and outside work and I had a lot of fun filming the following :

American super group Audioslave in Havana, Beyonce & Jay Z in Lagos, Philip Glass in New York, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra tour of the Baltic, Duran Duran in Paris, Nigel Kennedy in Carcassonne, Depeche Mode in Paris, Sean Fela Kuti in Lagos, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra in Tanglewood, Capleton & Linton Kwesi Johnson in Paris.

American Ballet Theatre in Paris, Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Company in New York and Arizona.


Camera Work has always involved sit down interviews and I have had the opportunity to light and shoot many 'talking heads' from the arts, sports, fashion and political worlds.

Reading like a bit of a rogues gallery at times, there have definitely been some highlights, starting with three personal favorites :

David Lynch, Pele, Charlotte Rampling.

Others have included :

Jane Birkin, Lance Armstrong, Karl Lagerfeld, Selina Gomez, Bertrand Tavernier, Roman Polanski, Lula da Silva, Agnes B, Christian Louboutin, Neymar, Nicolas Sarkozy, Costa Gavras, Leslie Carron, Maria Schneider, Michel Platini, Isabelle Huppert, Bernard Henri Levi, Miley Cyrus, James Ivory, Carla Bruni, Peter Brook, Christine Lagarde, Busta Rhymes, Jacques Audiard, Dominique Strauss Kahn, Emmanuel Macron, Natalia Vodianova, Jacques Chirac, Thomas Picketty, Juliette Binoche, Tony Parker.


‘Elegant images’

Kate Varley
Producer/Director, US

‘The thinking man's cameraman ’

Jim Bittermann
Senior CNN Correspondant, Paris

‘Always seems to have his camera in the right place at the right time’

Totie Herman

‘Always a pleasure to work with’

Roman Polanski
Director, Paris/Gastad

‘I learnt a lot about camerawork from editing Phil’s footage’

Dave Brewis
Producer/Director/Editor, UK

‘The thinking woman's cameraman’

Lyn Faulds Wood
BBC Presenter, UK

‘Sees things other cameramen don’t see’

James Capria
Documentary Director, London

‘A consummate professional, craftsman and cameraman de panache’

Andrew Bruck
Creative writer and commercials director, London